Alligator Removal

Alligator Removal Florence, Darlington, Hartsville-SC



PeeDee Wildlife Control handles nuisance wildlife control and removal in Florence, Marion, Williamsburg, Clarendon, Sumter, Georgetown, Horry, Dillon, and Marlboro Counties in South Carolina.

I have been an Alligator Control Agent for SCDNR since 1988. There is no one in this state with more experience dealing with alligators than I have. PeeDee Wildlife Control Inc. operates one of the only SCDA inspected alligator processing facility in the state. We have been producing restaurant quality alligator meat and expertly produced hides since 1988.

Alligators are still listed under CITIES and are regulated on a Federal and State Level. Before you can harvest an alligator on your land legally you must first get a permit form SCDNR. This is a simple process that usually involves a couple phone calls. Once you get your permit you may harvest it yourself or get a professional to do it. The alligator can not just be shot, it has to be under control of a hook, line, snare, rope, or harpoon before it can be dispatched. In SC nuisance alligators can not be relocated and must be dispatched . One of the main reasons an alligator can’t be shot is that if you shot and kill an alligator it sinks like a rock and can be very hard to locate without the proper equipment.

PeeDee Wildlife Control Inc. can not only catch your gator but process it for you. We also purchase whole live alligators and hides.

PeeDee Wildlife Control Inc. can solve your wildlife problem in a professional and humane manner. We have been solving human- wildlife conflicts for over 30 years, including alligator removal.