Bat Removal

Bat Removal Florence, Darlington, Hartsville SC




PeeDee Wildlife is the company to call for bat removal in Florence, Hartsville, Marion, Darlington, Dillon, Timmonsville, Lake City and the entire PeeDee region of South Carolina.

If you are hearing noise in your attic you may have bats, squirrels, raccoons, birds, opossums or other creatures living up there. PeeDee Wildlife Control Inc. has been solving man / wildlife conflicts in the PeeDee for over 30 years.

Bats are very common in houses and business locations in Florence, Darlington, Hartsville and all across the PeeDee region of South Carolina. Bats are not something you want living in your home or building, for they may pose a serious health hazard. The guano and urine from bats can be very toxic and should not be left in your attic, but removed and cleaned by a professional. Bats should not be killed as most bat species are protected. PeeDee Wildlife Control Inc. can remove bats from your structure without harming them, bat proof it, and safely clean up damage.

Bats are carriers of rabies so if one gets into your home don’t handle it, call us for safe removal. If it was found in sleeping areas or in areas occupied by children or the elderly it needs to be sent for testing, and proper handling is critical.

PeeDee Wildlife Control Inc. Is Certified in Bat Standards and a BatCone Certified Installer.