Beaver Removal

Beaver Removal Florence, Darlington, Marion SC.




PeeDee Wildlife Control handles beaver and other wildlife removal in Florence, Hartsville, Marion, Darlington, Dillon, Timmonsville, Lake City, and the entire PeeDee region of South Carolina.

Beavers are a major problem in Florence, Darlington, Marion, Dillon, Marlboro, Chesterfield, Clarendon, and Williamsburg Counties. They flood timber, stop up drainage ditches, and kill timber and crops. PeeDee Wildlife Control Inc. was originally formed over 30 years ago to deal with Beavers and the damage they did to timber. Our owner, Dennis Matherly, is a Registered Forester who specializes in beaver damage control in timberland. There is not another company with more knowledge or experience in dealing with South Carolina beavers. We do both private and commercial beaver control and we offer management options to keep your beavers under control.

Our services include not only trapping, but also dam removal to get your land back to its natural state. Unless otherwise asked for by clients, we do green dam opening (no machines or explosives) — it’s all by hand. We are South Carolina’s best beaver removal and management company.

PeeDee Wildlife Control Inc. can solve your problem in a professional and humane manner. We have been solving human / wildlife conflicts for over 30 years.