Coyote Removal

Coyote Removal Florence, Darlington, Hartsville SC




When you need coyote removal or wildlife removal, call Pee Dee Wildlife Control! We serve Florence, Marion, Williamsburg, Clarendon, Sumter, Georgetown, Horry, Dillon, and Marlboro Counties in South Carolina.

Coyote Removal is in increasing demand in the Pee Dee as their population continues to grow. Coyotes were brought into this area by houndsmen to run with their dogs. At first coyotes were released in the wild, but later on in running pens. Although illegal it was a common practice. I caught the first coyote in the wild in 1985 in a fox set in Florence County and when Hurricane Hugo hit in September 1989 it tore down the fences in all the running pens that illegally had coyotes in them and released them into the wild. Since this time , the coyote population has been growing rapidly in the PeeDee. It is a common belief that SCDNR released coyotes in this area to help with Deer control. This is not true, they fought to keep the houndsmen from bring them in to no avail . Now coyotes are here to stay.

Pee Dee Wildlife Control Inc. has been successfully trapping coyotes in the PeeDee for for over 25 years. They are very smart and difficult to catch but over the years we have developed methods to outsmart them. We are the local experts on coyote removal.

PeeDee Wildlife Control Inc. can help you solve your coyote problem. We have been solving man / wildlife conflicts for over 30 years.