Dead Animal Removal

Dead Animal Removal Florence, Darlington, Hartsville SC




Dead Animal Removal…. It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it! PeeDee Wildlife Control handles dead animal removal in Florence, Marion, Darlington, Hartsville, and the entire PeeDee area of South Carolina.

Smelling something dead under or in your home or business? We have removed everything from cats to dead alligators from homes. We offer removal, clean up , and odor control. The sooner we get to the problem the better, for you and us. If you smell a bad odor give us a call for an inspection before it gets really bad.
Some homeowners put out poison for rodents and squirrels, but if they die in your attic or in your wall it is a problem. Leave this work for the professionals who know how to properly deal with them.

PeeDee Wildlife Control Inc. can help you solve your dead animal clean up problem. We have been solving man / wildlife conflicts for over 30 years.