Did you know that foxes are related to dogs, wolves, and jackals? They’re part of the Canidae family, which contains around 36 different species. Foxes come in a variety of colors including red, silver, white, and black. And they can be found on every continent except Antarctica.

Here are some more fascinating facts about foxes:

There are 12 distinct species of “true foxes” though there are as many as 37 animals commonly referred to as foxes. Most of these animals are smaller coyotes and other canids.

Foxes have an excellent sense of hearing. They can hear low-frequency sounds that allow them to detect prey underground. The bat-eared fox can actually hear insects.

Foxes are mostly nocturnal animals, but sometimes they can be seen during the day too. However, that means most of their activity is at night under cover of darkness.

Foxes are known for their distinctive vocalizations. They can make a wide range of sounds including barks, screams, whines, and howls. In fact, there are 40 distinct vocalizations made by foxes.

Foxes are mostly solitary animals though they can be found in small family groups while raising young. Baby foxes are called “kits” or “pups”. This small family group is called a “skulk”.

Foxes can be domesticated and have been found in graves with humans as far back as 16,500 years ago. The most popular fox to be domesticated is the fennec fox. Domesticated foxes are bred to live with humans whereas tame foxes were born wild but have learned to tolerate humans. While they “can” be domesticated, they tend to be high-energy animals that are curious and get into everything. And depending on where you live, domesticated foxes might be outlawed.

They can carry rabies. Like other members of the canid family, they can carry and transmit rabies. This typically occurs in small outbreaks such as the outbreak in Switzerland in the 1960s that was solved by vaccinating chicken heads and leaving them for the foxes to eat, thereby vaccinating the foxes for rabies.

They are often considered a nuisance animal. Because foxes tend to hunt small livestock like chickens and turkeys, they are often considered a nuisance animal by farmers, ranchers and people who raise chickens.

Did you know all of these fascinating facts about foxes? They truly are interesting animals to have around. However, if you are having an issue with a fox, don’t try to deal with or handle the animal yourself. Call Pee Dee Wildlife Control to trap and relocate the fox safely.