Living in the Pee Dee area of South Carolina means enjoying rich natural beauty and occasionally, some unwelcome wildlife visitors. At Pee Dee Wildlife Control, we believe that understanding what attracts these animals to your property can help you prevent unwanted encounters. Here’s a look at eight common attractions for wildlife and practical tips on how you can mitigate these factors to keep your property safe and animal-free.

What Attracts Wildlife to Your Property?

1. Accessible Food Sources:

Wild animals are often drawn to easy meals. Unsecured garbage bins, pet food left outdoors and accessible compost bins are prime food sources for wildlife.
Solution: Secure your trash with wildlife-proof lids, feed pets indoors and keep compost bins tightly closed.

2. Water Sources:

All animals need water to survive. Ponds, birdbaths and even pet water bowls can attract wildlife to your yard.
Solution: Eliminate unnecessary water sources and keep necessary ones clean and as minimal as possible.

3. Shelter Opportunities:

Overgrown bushes, piles of wood and cluttered storage areas provide perfect hiding spots for small animals.
Solution: Regularly maintain your yard, trim bushes and store wood and other materials off the ground and in a secure location.

4. Fruit Trees and Vegetable Gardens:

Fruit-bearing trees and vegetable gardens are incredibly inviting to wildlife.
Solution: Use fencing around gardens and tree trunks to prevent access and clean up fallen fruits promptly.

5. Bird Feeders:

Bird feeders not only attract birds but also animals that prey on birds or the seeds they drop.
Solution: Place bird feeders away from the house and keep the ground underneath them clean.

6. Pet Entrances:

Dog or cat flaps can provide entry points for wildlife into your home.
Solution: Secure pet doors at night or when not in use or consider using electronic doors that only open for your pet.

7. Landscape Features:

Rock piles, fallen trees and certain types of landscaping can make your property more attractive to wildlife.
Solution: Keep your yard clean and tidy, removing any features that might provide shelter or hiding spots for animals.

8. Outdoor Lighting:

Some animals are drawn to areas that are well-lit at night because it helps them navigate or hunt.
Solution: Use motion-activated lights that only turn on when needed to discourage nocturnal wildlife.

Understanding what attracts wildlife to your property is the first step in preventing unwanted visits. By taking proactive measures to remove or secure food sources, water and shelter, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of wildlife issues. At Pee Dee Wildlife, we’re here to help you manage and resolve any wildlife challenges you might face. Remember, it’s always best to deal with wildlife issues in a humane and sustainable way, and our experts are just a call away if you need assistance.